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You also know and trust our technology and products. We're Orthogon with our innovative Point-to-Point solutions. We're Canopy with our powerful Point-to-Multipoint solutions that millions of people all over the world rely on every day. Now we're on our own, together. We're leaner. We're more flexible. We're more intense. We're more idea-driven. We're more committed to the needs of our customers. We're more in tune with the needs of our channel partners. And we're more focused on delivering the communications that enrich the lives of the end users we share.

At Cambium Networks, we're introducing a new era in broadband.

No matter what the conditions or locations, wherever people need to be connected, our wireless broadband solutions deliver clear voice, data and video communications people can always rely on.

Cambium Networks provide professional grade fixed wireless broadband and microwave solutions for customers around the world. Our solutions are deployed in thousands of networks in over 153 countries, with our innovative technologies providing reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that’s easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding metrics.

Our award-winning Orthogon Point to Point (PTP) radio solutions operate in licensed, unlicensed and defined use frequency bands including specific FIPS 140-2 solutions for the U.S. Federal market. Ruggedised for 99.999% availability, our Orthogon solutions have an impeccable track record for delivering reliable high-speed backhaul connectivity even in the most challenging non-line-of-sight RF environments.

Our flexible Canopy Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) solutions operate in the licensed, unlicensed and federal frequency bands, providing reliable, secure, cost effective access networks. With more than three million modules deployed in networks around the world, our Canopy access network solutions prove themselves day-in and day-out in residential access, leased line replacement, video surveillance and smart grid infrastructure applications.

Our Rapid Deployment Broadband (RDB) solutions provide highly reliable broadband connectivity for U.S. Federal applications. Based on our field proven technology, these solutions are designed to meet stringent performance, security and environmental requirements for special applications.

Cambium Networks’ Orthogon, Canopy and RDB solutions are proven, respected leaders in the wireless broadband industry. We design, deploy and deliver innovative data, voice and video connectivity solutions that enable and ensure the communications of life, empowering personal, commercial and community growth virtually everywhere in the world.