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As telecommunications adapts to new realities, demands and business models, Alcatel-Lucent - the globally trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and government - is delivering the bold innovation our customers need to stay ahead in the marketplace. Alcatel-Lucent are a leader in mobile, fixed-access, IP and optics technologies, applications and services, and their Bell Labs is one of the world's foremost research organisations in communication technology. Alcatel-Lucent's commitment is making communications sustainable, affordable and accessible, as they pursue the mission of realising the potential of a connected world.

The Access Challenge

Unify your network for a mobile enterprise

Enabling mobility through unification within enterprise networks has become a top priority to improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and drive greater profitability. Unification simplifies network management and provides a consistent experience across the entire network. More... 


Data Center Solutions

Can your Data Center handle today's explosion of business apps?

Corporate data center infrastructures must evolve. Mobility, real-time applications and virtualisation have created a new set of demands that yesterday's data center architectures are simply not equipped to handle. Users require anytime/anywhere access to rich-media applications from smartphones, tablets and other devices. More... 

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Transform Your Edge Promotion

Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniSwitch 6900, OmniSwitch 6850E and OmniSwitch 6450 are great components of a LAN refresh. Alcatel-Lucent has put together an exceptional offer to make customers’ network upgrade easier.

In today’s always-on world, your network is mission-critical for your business. The latest new generation of applications and mobile devices require new networking equipment to support both increased bandwidth and connectivity needs. Don’t risk a failure in your network due to old and outdated products. 

It’s time to enhance your network edge and take advantage of a modern LAN infrastructure and the most of your WLAN : 

  • Compact: Modern rack-mounted switches can often take the place of older chassis-based products
  • Pay as-you-grow architectures: Pay for only the bandwidth you need today while deploying network elements that are 10G ready Enterprises are driven today to become a mobile enterprise by the explosion of mobile devices and the arrival of 802.11ac which ask for a solid and powerful LAN infrastructure
  • Lower power consumption under all traffic loads

Promotional Offer

  • Buy 3 OmniSwitch 6850E stackable LAN Switches, and pay 2 OmniSwitch 6850E
  • Buy 4 OmniSwitch 6900 stackable LAN Switches, and pay 3 OmniSwitch 6900
  • Buy 4 OmniSwitch 6450* stackable LAN Switches, and pay 3 OmniSwitch 6450
  • Buy 2 x SFP and pay only 1

Key Features

  • Fully managed switches with L3 and L2 capabilities
  • Single CLI to simplify management PoE and non-PoE versions available
  • 10G and 40G ready for deployment today, or pay as you grow into this capacity

Contact Anthony Rixon for further details:

Anthony Rixon
Alcatel-Lucent Business Manager | Lan 1
P: (02) 9318 4219
M: 0412 260 729

This offer is subject to specific terms and conditions. Excludes the OmniSwitch 6450L version This promotion cannot be combined with non-standard pricing, other promotions or credits. All orders will be fulfilled by an Lan 1/Alcatel-Lucent Reseller Partner. Offer valid on orders before June 27, 2014.