Lan 1 provides a variety of SSL VPN solutions, from simple IPSEC replacement to full Portal based remote access solutions.


Award-winning enterprise-scale SSL VPN.

SonicWALL has added the award-winning Aventail SSL VPN product line to their E-Class dedicated Secure Remote Access appliances. Aventail's best-of-breed SSL VPNs deliver secure remote access to the most resources from the most end point locations. SonicWALL Aventail SRAs provide the access control solution for today's increasingly mobile enterprise. The SonicWALL Aventail SRA offering is best-of-breed and provides robust solutions for:

  • Remote Access: Provides secure remote access to the most resources from the most end point device platforms.
  • Mobile Enterprise: The only SSL VPN solution to provide support for Microsoft® Windows Mobile PDAs and Smartphones.
  • Disaster Recovery: Allows your workforce to remain productive from anywhere, anytime—even during unexpected business-infrastructure disruptions like natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist activities.
  • Wireless: Centralised secure access control for wireless networks supporting multiple device platforms.
  • Extranet: Extends access to partners to increase collaboration in a way that does not compromise access control and security.
  • Enforcing Policy: Enables IT to enforce policy across disparate points of entry, allowing granular access control for collaboration and compliance.
  • Network Access Control: The easiest remote access controller on the market, providing the core elements of NAC today and the foundation for the evolution of NAC in the future.

SonicWALL's TZ and NSA series virtual private networking (VPN) technology (NetExtender) lets you establish a secure and extensive VPN that is easy to manage and administer.

SonicWALL NetExtender allows for clientless remote access for Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems utilizing a web-portal to provide connectivity and access.

SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions can be configured to provide users with easy-to-use, secure and clientless remote access to a broad range of resources on the corporate network at small and mid-sized organisations. Additionally, an optional add-on, SonicWALL® Virtual Assist provides easy and secure help desk support for remote end point devices via the Web.

Lan 1 supplies SSL VPN products by: