Firewalls & Intrusion Prevention Systems


Lan 1 provides a choice of technologies to suit the varied requirements of security, from true Government and Military Layer 7 EAL4+ firewalls, through Enterprise Layer 7 application and content aware 'Next Generation' firewalls, SME application aware firewalls, and SMB UTM appliances.

Lan 1 is the only distributor that can cover all market segments and verticals in firewalls. We can provide smaller units for SME level networks, through to larger appliances that provide up to 10Gbit throughput for Enterprise customer.

Additionally, we can provide EAL4+ Firewall/VPN/Router with 3G, 3.5G and WiFi in an Express Card form factor for laptops. When it comes to serious security, Lan 1 can provide a dual layer firewall certified at EAL4+ with 'Resistance to external Attack' at EAL6 level, as well as a Red/Black Gateway which enables connection between ‘Secret’ and ‘Unclassified’ networks.


Lan 1 supplies Firewall and IPS products by: