Wireless Security & Troubleshooting


Motorola changes everything when it comes to remote management. Wireless deployment can be held back due to technology issues. Connectivity can be impacted by many outside factors; there are a much wider variety of client settings than wired networks; problems are transient – like the devices, RF is a new technology for some network engineers.

In addition, wireless is seen as the #1 culprit and blamed for everything. Too many support calls are escalated to the Wireless Networking Team; tools are unavailable at remote sites where issues are present; site visits are very expensive. Motorola Air Defense solves these problems and provides the ability to Resolve Issues Remotely providing:

  • A Level 1 Helpdesk
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Interference Detection
  • LiveRF Coverage
  • Remote Packet Capture
  • Historical Analysis.

Air Defense can either be deployed as an overlay onto existing wireless networks (no matter what brand) or be part of a deployed Motorola wireless network (e.g. using 3rd radio in AP-7131).

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