Millimeter Wave


LightPointe Service Provider millimeter wave (mmW) products enable wireless service providers to leverage infrastructure investments, while reducing operational expenses.

As alternatives to leased lines, these solutions offer high-bandwidth data rates up to 1.48 Gbps and the ability to upgrade network infrastructure in a way that is consistent and cost-effective, with multiple T1/E1 options and flexibility to scale and accommodate future network traffic growth.

Our Service Provider products are either license-free or light-licensed and deliver full line speed, over beams of light or radio frequency, for wireless aggregation backhaul in all environments, making them especially suitable for established and emerging markets with crowded spectrum, costly fixed-line access or no fixed-line infrastructure.

mmW provide a range of advantages:

  • Fibre speed flexible wireless links
  • Bandwidth and latency similar to fiber optic cable for outdoor wireless networking applications that require Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.
  • Unmatched bandwidth and scalability potential
  • Uses 70-90 GHz bands
  • Very narrow beam (0.5 bits/Hz spectral efficiency)
  • Proven technology – been around for many decades
  • For high capacity enterprise campus building-to-building and Metro Ethernet connectivity interconnecting buildings that have no fiber access
  • With the overwhelming acceptance of mobile data applications in the Mobile Wireless market, the backhaul bandwidth requirements in 3G and 4G Mobile Wireless Networks are also rapidly increasing.
  • Low-latency, full-duplex, wireless point-to point Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity
  • Combines low cost-per-bit transport and high transmission security.

Typical applications of mmW:

  • Fixed Wireless network extension
  • Easy building interconnection of buildings with clear line-of-sight
  • Last mile access for TELCOs
  • Temporary connections and backup links 

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