Licensed Microwave PTP


Licensed microwave links are ideal for today's evolving networks and give government agencies, corporate enterprises and service providers the licensed exclusivity, high-bandwidth, scalability and affordability you want to meet your unique bandwidth demands.

With Licensed Microwave links, the licensee owns the RF band meaning you will not encounter any other transmissions on that band; this results in maximum uptime and link availability.

Whether connecting locations, backhauling video or providing last-mile access, Licensed microwave has the capabilities and features to meet today's IP requirements and tomorrow's next generation network needs.

Why use a Licensed Frequency?

  • A high frequency licensed microwave link will give you ample data security with no compromise to throughput and signal quality
  • Licensed microwave links are secure from any radio interference
  • Software controlled configurations
  • More cost effective than LES circuits
  • Guaranteed link availability (99 to 99.999%) because the licensee owns the RF band
  • Full duplex speeds, up to 2Gbps (4Gbps pending type approval).
  • Links can be any distance using existing telecommunications masts
  • First Mover Advantage

Applications for Licensed Microwave PTP include:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) connections where max uptime is critical
  • Corporate Intranets
  • IP, PDH and SDH Networks
  • Enterprise Campus Networks
  • Telecommunications, - 2G/3G Cellular Networks Infrastructure
  • Utility Networks (Railways, Pipelines, etc.)
  • Last Mile access for Corporate, SMEs and Local Government

Lan 1 supplies Licensed Microwave products by:

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