Lan 1 provides powerful and affordable PBX and IP-PBX phone systems for all levels of business from a few seats to branch/multi-location businesses, even those with “work from home” team members who need to stay connected.

Our solutions converge analogue telephone lines, VoIP service providers, analogue phones and remote and local IP phones. Our easy to use phone systems offer an extensive set of features to ensure calls are answered intelligently and professionally, the system can automatically try alternative numbers before offering the option to leave a message.

Lan 1 offers complete IP-based systems, hybrid PBX platforms, or IP telephones to connect to your existing or new IP system, we also cater to sites that need mobile handsets, professional call reporting, attendant console applications and a suite of accessories. To complement our IP telephony range Lan 1 can provide wired and wireless networking along with enterprise data security & advise on providing a complete & secured IP PBX / IP Telephony solution.

Multi-Branch Networking

With VoIP, systems can be networked together over the Internet. Any extension on the multi-branch network can dial directly to any other office and its extensions, eliminating inter-office calling charges. You can even take calls at one office and transfer them to another office.

In a multi-branch VoIP network, one site is designated as the network's Registrar/Proxy site, usually with a public IP address. Other sites register with the registrar site to form a private VoIP multi-branch network. VoIP numbers can be assigned across the network, and handled like incoming calls at each site.

Lan 1 supplies IP Telephony products by:

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