IP Multiplexers


Pseudowire products distributed by Lan 1 enable cost-effective optimisation of backhaul networks by supporting an economical and transparent transition from analogue to packet-based infrastructures.

Our pseudowire products provide significant advantages for mixed traffic applications. A pseudowire approach offers greater efficiency, delivering up to 25 percent more T1/E1s per RF channel than the equivalent SONET/SDH approach, resulting in lower cost per T1/E1.

Other benefits of pseudowire include:

  • True network convergence – avoids the need to manage the TDM connections at each intermediate network point
  • Simplified operations and management – only one packet based network needs to be operated
  • Future proofing – the network does not need to be changed as the traffic mix changes from TDM circuits to packet based traffic
  • Lower capital cost – the pass thru economics at the intermediate site and the virtual aggregation function of the DS3/OC3 units eliminates the need for distributed Add/Drop/Mux (ADM) or cross-connect boxes, taking cost out of the network.

Lan 1 supplies Pseudowire products by: