Enterprise Wireless LAN (EWLAN)


The use of wireless has evolved from a simple, although not always robust and secure, ad hoc deployment to secure reliable centrally managed networks. Wireless LANs are increasingly used throughout all facets of life with driving factors for their adoption including:

  • Increased use of voice and video over WLAN
  • Ease of deployment and savings verses cabling cost, especially when cable laying is difficult
  • Is used as a universal method to provide Network Access - 802.11 standard
  • Wireless network access enables mobility and enhances productivity of students/staff through anytime-anywhere network access
  • Enables non-destructive re-engineering during renovations and refits.


Until recently wireless was always seen as a second rate alternative to wired connections. With the adoption of the 802.11n standard this position has changed. 802.11n can be seen as an enabling evolution of wireless LAN that:

  • Delivers high speed connectivity that matches wired speeds in most cases (sometime exceeds 100Mbps LANs)
  • Meets multimedia demands (e.g. the digital revolution in classrooms), general corporate access is easily catered for
  • Provides a much greater number of available channels, minimising interference and coverage issues
  • Can support more users at higher bandwidths per AP

Lan 1 provides 802.11 solutions from two key vendors; Motorola and Ruckus Wireless. The technologies provided by these vendors enable Lan 1 to offer WLAN infrastructure to meet the requirements of SME through to Enterprise including:

  • Wireless Switches/Controllers
  • Indoor and outdoor APs with advanced antenna design
  • 802.11a/b/g/n dual and tri radio adaptive APs
  • Outdoor Wireless bridges with a range of up to 15km
  • Wireless Planning & Management Software

Ruckus Wireless access points use intelligent beam steering technology (called Beamflex) which adapts to changes in wireless network conditions optimising performance and connectivity.

Lan 1 supplies EWLAN products by:

Ruckus.jpg Motorola.jpg