Lan 1 provides BARIX IP-based audio and data distribution, communication, monitoring, control, and automation hardware solutions for commercial, industrial, security and military applications.

IP Audio Encoders/Decoders

With the BARIX Instreamer encoder, high quality music and voice can be captured and encoded into a digital format which is capable of being transmitted around the world. At the destination the Exstreamer decodes the digital audio stream into CD quality analogue audio. The Exstreamer 200 even provides an integrated 25Watts stereo amplifier. Public announcement systems are easily implemented using the Barix software included with each Exstreamer.

  • Instreamer 100 Audio Encoder
  • Extreamer 100 Audio Decoder
  • Extreamer 100 Audio Decoder with LCD
  • Extreamer 200 Audio Decoder with 25W amp
  • Extreamer 500 Audio Encoder/Decoder with I/O
  • Extreamer 1000 Audio Encoder/Decoder with I/O + AES/EBU
  • IR Remote Control for Exstreamers

IP Intercoms and Public Address Systems

The bigger and more populated buildings and campus sites are, the more critical it becomes to be able to communicate to the people inside. At BARIX, IP Intercom solutions are brought to life by offering customers a custom solution to perfectly fit their specific building communication and security needs. The core of this IP Intercom system is the BARIX Annuncicom and PS16 Paging Station which opens a whole new world of functionality and applications. The abaility to quickly delploy over the nertwork infrastructure using just a small bandwidth saves substantial investment costs and provides great flexibility for both Intercom and Public Address.

  • Annuncicom 100 Network Intercom & PA Device
  • Annuncicom 200 Network Intercom & PA Device with PoE
  • Annuncicom PS16 Paging Station


Controlling/Monitoring over IP

In today's day and age, society has become as mobile as ever and overcoming distances is a matter of course. At great distances it becomes a challenge to control and monitor technology, but not for BARIX. Intelligent communication modules from BARIX installed on remote sites communicate over Ethernet, Internet and intranet with central or de-centralised control stations. They operate as remote data collection units, detect operational status, transmit control commands and can activate an alarm when something is not working properly. There are no limits to where and how these communication modules can be used in telemetry systems and since they can communicate to different interfaces such as analog, digital and serial, they can be integrated almost anywhere.

  • Barionet Universal network-enabled automation interface
  • Barionet R6 relay module for Barionet
  • Barionet TS temperature sensor for Barionet or X8
  • Barionet X8 Modbus I/O to RS-485 converter
  • Barionet IO12 extension module (12 I/Os)
  • Barionet 50 network-enabled digital automation controller

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