Accessories & Housings


Lan 1 provides a wide range of accessories that complements its network cameras and video encoders and assists in your network video installation.

Whether the network cameras are to be placed in demanding outdoors environment, mounted on ceilings, walls or corners, or used for night-time surveillance, it is important to find the right accessories that fulfill these demands and are quick and easy to install.

Camera housings:

for mounting network cameras outdoors and in harsh, humid and dusty indoor environments. Kits are available.

Installation display:

a battery-powered handheld device that simplifies the field installation of IP CCTV network cameras as well as analogue cameras.


for control of PTZ and dome network cameras. Easy to install and configure using USB interface. Illuminators: for indoor/outdoor surveillance in low light or complete darkness. Use with day and night cameras.

Casings and covers:

interchangeable casings and covers for a range of IP CCTV network cameras.


optional lenses to give your network camera new possibilities.

Power accessories:

mains adapters and extension cables.

Lan 1 supplies Accessories & Housings by:

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