Why Buy LTO5 When You Can Get LTO6 FREE? Bigger. Better. Faster. Yours.


Nows the time to get the latest in tape technology and get it for FREE!

Why buy LTO5 when its LTO6 that you really deserve? Get 100% more capacity and 50% higher data transfer rates for FREE. Purchase a LTO5 NEO Series tape library and we will upgrade you to LTO6 for FREE.


I want my FREE LTO6 Now


Here are just some of the benefits that LTO6 can give your data center:

  • Reduce overall cost of new investments: A single purchase will give you the most forward-looking technology footprint
  • DOUBLE the capacity performance: a single LTO6 cartridge gives you 2.5TB of uncompressed capacity; LTO5 only offers 1.5TB per cartridge
  • Take speed to the next level: With LTO6, you can anticipate a beyond-rapid data transfer rate of 160 MB/s native
  • Get the most out of your existing technology: LTO6 maximizes backwards compatibility read-and-write with LTO5 and read-only with LTO4



Dont wait to unlock your backup and archive potential with LTO6 and do it for FREE! This limited-time offer goes away on December 21, 2012 Please contact your Lan 1 Account Manager, email enquiry@Lan1.com.au, or call Anthony Rixon, Lan 1 Business Manager on (02) 9318 4219.




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