Once again - we received glowing reports from our customer regarding the Site Survey. It is truthfully a pleasure for us to send Lan 1 on Site Surveys, as it reflects so well on Virtual Graffiti. Thank you for your professional and efficient job on this."
– Jonny Wahlhaus, Director, Virtual Graffiti

I sat my Ruckus Certification exam yesterday morning and passed. I learnt a lot about the Ruckus solution on the 3-day course run by Lan 1 and am about to place my order for a NFR pack to really start playing. I found Sulinder, the Lan 1 trainer extremely knowledgeable and the entire experience really helped me to attain these new credentials"
– Peter Keeffe, Director, Network Notions

 “I spoke to Djeffri, my Lan 1 Account Manager, yesterday in relation to a client that needed his Ruckus kit as soon as possible. His promise was “if I can get this on a truck now, you’ll have it by tomorrow”. He did and I did, and it’s just one example of the service and commitment that Lan 1 provides. Cabling & Wireless are committed to working with distributors that offer more than just product, so my hearty congrats to the team at Lan 1 for service above and beyond.
- Chris Arthur, Managing Director, Cabling and Wireless

One of the key ingredients for success with a major infrastructure rollout is the logistics of product supply. Cirrus Communications worked with Lan 1 on Charles Sturt University’s wireless network project designed to improve the availability of learning resources for CSU’s students; this project is a major showcase of Motorola’s wireless products. Lan 1 provided Cirrus with significant support helping Cirrus to meet CSU expectations for the project."
– Doug Reid, Director, Cirrus Communications

"Since first partnering with Lan 1, RCS has seen a lot of new business opportunities which have resulted in significant sales growth and an increased customer base. Lan 1's expert technical team and highly approachable sales staff, coupled with unmatched product knowledge on everything they supply, really has helped to enhance our business whilst enabling us to obtain the skills, knowledge and certified credentials to excel in our fields of expertise.
Now, with the convergence of a range of technologies including VoIP and IP CCTV creating further opportunities, I know we can rely on Lan 1 to provide the right products and advice regardless of requirements. We are pleased to call Lan 1 our trusted distribution partner."
- Lawrie Nelson, Service Manager, Radio Communication Solutions

We wish to thank you for arranging the Axis training in Cairns. The training was exactly what we needed, and the crew soaked up the information like dry sponges.  By the end of the first day we were discussing which existing analogue CCTV clients we need to visit to discuss an IP change over. Your commitment to us will pay in dividends in the coming months."
- Clint Grossmann, Business Development Manager, Chubb Fire & Security

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