Quality Assurance


Lan 1’s Quality Policy

Lan 1 markets and delivers high quality products and solutions while providing the best available customer support and training. We take pride in our strong customer focus. We listen to our customers and actively encourage partnership. Management and employees are involved in the ongoing Quality process and are committed to achieving and maintaining the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Management shall regularly review our Quality Objectives. This is part of our commitment to continually improve our system for our employees, customers and suppliers.

We aim to become the preferred supplier in our area of expertise by providing our customers with superior products and highly skilled service and support staff.


What is Quality?

Quality is where we agree what our customer requirements are, then produce exactly what is wanted within the agreed time frame, at minimum cost.

Quality is also concerned with customer perceptions of our business, of the products and services we deliver and daily interaction with our staff.

Quality means how we meet ALL of your requirements including:

  • the speed with which Account Managers respond to customer requests
  • introducing new products and services when required
  • the products and services being delivered on time and in excellent condition
  • the way you are greeted on the telephone
  • ensuring administration is clear and concise
  • issues are rectified promptly and in a friendly manner

Put simply, when you purchase a product or service from our organisation, you can be assured that the quality of what you receive will be as you expect.


To provide feedback on the quality of Lan 1’s goods and services please feel free to complete our Feedback Form.

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