The Access Challenge - How are you solving it?

Enabling mobility thru unification within enterprise networks has become a top priority to improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and drive greater profitability. The Unification step simplifies network management and provides a consistent experience across the entire network. Alcatel-Lucent will improve security and user experience by adding authentication and policy enforcement on both the LAN and the WLAN.

Improving the overall experience requires network architecture to be simplified with a common authentication process and a set of security and QoS policies that apply to both wired and wireless networks. These changes create what Alcatel-Lucent calls unified access.

Another fundamental step is a unified management - A single network management system (NMS) with a single pane of glass to configure, monitor and troubleshoot the unified access network. For the users, unified access means having a consistent authentication process, the same applications available on both wired and wireless connections, similar security rules and QoS. What’s more, with 802.11ac performance is comparable for wired and wireless networks.

For the administrators, unification means having the same level of security over the wired and wireless access. In addition, overall network operation is simplified because there is now a single place to configure the policies, unified access procedures and a unified NMS with a single pane of glass. It is simpler to analyse and troubleshoot the network and tasks are performed once instead of twice. Unification also means coordinating and optimising operations between the wired and wireless networking elements.

A software defined network (SDN) architecture and standards such as OpenFlow make it possible to identify bandwidth-intensive and delay-sensitive traffic and redirect it to the most optimized path. This approach improves the traditional approach of sending all wireless traffic back to the WLAN controller and therefore improves latency, performance, and enables better scalability without requiring additional hardware.

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The Access Challenge

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