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Learn more about Alcatel-Lucent’s application-fluent approach to meeting the challenges of the modern data center.
The data center is taking on an increasingly vital role in today’s applications-heavy business operations, a role with demands that traditional data center switching solutions can’t meet. Alcatel-Lucent Mesh is the world’s first application-fluent switching fabric, enabling you to finally:
Deliver the rich application experience your users demand and the agility your IT team needs with market-leading low-latency architecture.
Leverage server virtualisation investment with automated virtual machine movement within and between data center sites.
Control costs with a solution that takes up significantly less space and power than conventional offerings.

Download the latest resources below to see how an Alcatel-Lucent application-fluent network can help you achieve your business objectives.

Application Fluency in the Data Centre White Paper to see how Alcatel-Lucent Mesh can help your data center meet the demands of an application-fluent business world.